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Business Intelligence Consulting

At Blackdog Innovative Solutions, we provide cutting-edge business intelligence consulting that helps you make informed decisions and actually achieve your project goals.

Our Services

Our Services

Imports, Extracts, Datamarts

Our substantial experience designing, building, and supporting imports, extracts, and datamarts sets you up for success. Add our uncanny abilities to automate repetitive tasks and performance tune existing solutions, and you have a valuable partner.

Vendor & Solution Transitions

Oracle to SQL Server? On-prem to Cloud? One EMR system to another? One Cloud option to another, such as to Fabric? Our substantial experience in vendor and solution transitions can help you not only succeed, but do so in a reasonable length of time.

Requirements to Solution or

Our proven track record in taking new projects from Requirements gathering through the Analysis, Design, Build, and Turnover phases, as well as our experience enhancing existing systems with new features, performance improvements, etc., provides peace of mind that with reasonable internal support, we can complete any data architecture or development project.

EMR & other
Healthcare Data

We know healthcare data. Especially Epic's system. Unlike most contractors, we do not need an inordinate amount of time and employee resources to make us minimally productive. We hit the ground running and complete the project.

Performance Tuning and Automation

We know performance tuning--SQL Server, SSIS, TSQL. And we know automation. We pride ourselves in creating highly performing systems and radically tuning existing systems.

We are not interested in just completing the project. We design with consideration for the future and test for both correctness and performance.

Project Consulting

We also provide Scrum Master, Product Owner, SAFE 6, Digital Transformation, and Business Process consulting to drive your transformation to completion.

Is your organization's structure, processes, skillsets, or technologies holding you back? Let us help.

Ready to find out more?

At Blackdog Innovative Solutions, we are committed to helping you achieve your healthcare business intelligence goals. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you succeed.

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